Residual Symptoms After a Car Accident

You may think common conditions, such as whiplash, will simply disappear on their own after an auto accident. That’s not the case for most patients. In fact, some residual symptoms are known to linger for years after an accident, which is why you should see a chiropractor who can treat the source of the issue.

Neck Pain

If you suffer from whiplash after a car accident, the ligaments and muscles of the neck will be weaker after the trauma. Therefore, it makes sense that there will be residual symptoms. In fact, your body will attempt to heal itself with scar tissue, not by regenerating the tissue like you might assume. This is why the area will feel weaker and more sensitive, as if it never really healed. Also, studies show that you are more likely to suffer from neck pain in the future when you do not get the issue treated right after a car accident, so even the most minor trauma could result in additional pain.

Back Pain

The same principles apply to your back, since the muscles there will be weaker when you do not get treatment. Allowing pain to continue in your neck and back can keep you from being able to work or even walk, and can also lead to additional symptoms. Not surprisingly, getting pain medication from a doctor will stop the back pain now, but not in the future. This is why getting to the root of the problem with the help of a chiropractor is recommended. Chiropractic treatment can increase muscle flexibility and strength, and can also improve scar tissue alignment.


When you get whiplash, you may end up with headaches for months or years, even after seeing your primary care physician. Unless you treat the origin of the issue, which is what a chiropractor can do, you will continue to suffer from headaches. In fact, the headache may be accompanied by dizziness and changes in both your hearing and vision, likely due to nerve damage from the accident. The good news is that a chiropractor can treat these residual symptoms, eliminating headaches and other ongoing issues.

Numbness or Tingling

After an auto accident, you may experience numbness or tingling just about anywhere on your body. This could be a result of a subdural hematoma, vertebral subluxation, or a number of other common conditions that appear after a car accident. Either way, your chiropractor can diagnose the issue so it gets treated immediately.

You can schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Steve Baek and Dr. Young  Kim, Chiropractors/Injury Specialists, at the following numbers to get started on your treatment plan after an accident:

Lakewood Office: 253-588-8340

Federal Way Office: 253-839-9440

24/7 Hotline: 253-353-6401


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